Cover Your Tracks

What’s it all about?

The website has information about FGM and showcases organisations and groups around the UK working to end FGM, particularly young people who are campaigning on FGM and are youth champions.

It is important that young people get involved in the FGM campaign and we want to support more young people to be able to do just that. Everybody’s Business provides you with some inspirational examples of the great work by young people as well as access to resources that can help you get started on your youth campaigns to end FGM.

For ideas on ways you join the FGM campaign check out our Get Involved Section.

FGM is a sensitive subject and is something that affects people around the UK – if you are worried about FGM or affected by it please check out our support page for more information about the services and organisations that can help you.

We aim to raise awareness and help inform everybody with regularly updates on how to stop FGM for good!

Want to be involved?

We also want to encourage you to contribute to our blog, discuss current news and tell us about the fantastic ways that you, as young people, are working to end FGM. If you would like to help end FGM, want to share your work or start a discussion on FGM please contact our website moderator on: [email protected]

By acting together we can hopefully make stopping FGM everybody’s business.

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