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April 22, 2015

By: Sami Ullah

Drastic Decrease in cases of FGM in Indonesia

An article by USA Today discussed the changing ideologies to FGM in Indonesia, and there has been a significant improvement! The article states that FGM in Indonesia is now not as culturally acceptable as it was ten years ago. This is a direct result of activism around the world as well as government legislation which both helped to reduce cases of FGM.

It has mostly ceased to be an accepted ritual in the country, and the most extreme forms of the procedure have fallen largely out of custom.

It has mostly ceased and… fallen out of custom.

However, the Type 1 and its variations still endure, and remain widespread. This is despite the fact that FGM was outlawed in Indonesia in 2006. One midwife explained that before the entire hood of the clitoris would have been cut; however now it is “scratched” with a needle.

Despite the changes, even “symbolic” rituals still represent a continuation of the practice of FGM. It is essential that we adopt a zero tolerance to all forms of FGM.

Sing. Shout. Smile. Laugh. Live. #EndFGM

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