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November 30, 2015

By: Saria

Filming the FGM Scene

by Shelize Boochoon 


Filming the FGM scene for our film for Raised Voices was quite intense, we worked on the script and learnt our lines. We all practiced together and during the filming we said all said the lines one by one like we practiced, but only one of us was filmed.

Saying the lines, however, was a different story, we were very strict on how we said the lines and how our bodies would be and what actions we would do, like fiddling with our hands or looking down.

I knew all the girls in the scene so filming with them was quite easily done!

The lines made me feel like I am playing a massive part in trying to defeat FGM, saying these lines made me feel, personally, that I could go out to the world (metaphorically), and tell them everything I know about the subject.

The message we wanted to send across is quite easy “FGM is wrong” and is there really a purpose to doing it to vulnerable children?


I wanted to be in this film because I’ve been in ARC Theatre for 3 years now and in that time I’ve learned more than I can about FGM, so I wanted to put my knowledge out there so everyone can see that Arc and Raised Voices is a great thing to be a part of.

The response we have already received from this film was incredible, everyone wanted to know more about it and they had so many questions that we could answer.  They also wanted to know how they could find out more or get help, so that is why we have created the website.

Shelize Boochoon is a Year 9 student at a school in Dagenham and is part of Raised Voices - Arc Theatre Group 

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