Cover Your Tracks

The power to end FGM

In the UK we have seen the power that young people have had in ending FGM. Working together we are stronger and we can end FGM.

How you can be involved

Contribute to our blog

This can be a written piece, video, art work, poetry. Send us your work and we will include it on our blog. We want to help amplify your voices. The email to send it across to is: [email protected]

Enter our competitions

Take part in our competitions and get a chance to win not only your work featured on the site but also a prize – to see what competitions we currently have click here.

Social Media

Follow us on social media our details are Facebook and Twitter – get involved in our conversations and re-share our contributions so more people can find out about FGM.

Get in touch with one of the FGM organisations or featured youth projects and see how you can support or get involved.


Raise awareness of FGM with your friends and peers. This can be through sharing information on social media; doing a presentation at your school, college or university; setting up a film screening. Many of the FGM organisations can support you with this.

Set up a group at your school, college or university to tackle FGM. Organise a bake sale or non-uniform day to raise awareness of FGM and raise money for an FGM organisation.

Other ideas?

Make sure adults and professionals you come in touch with know about FGM – ask your GP or teacher if they know about FGM and ask them to put up an FGM poster so more people know that help is available.

Have an idea that we didn’t include send it to us and we can work together to make it a reality. Get in touch with us on:

[email protected]