Cover Your Tracks

June 29, 2015

By: Sami Ullah

We Need Your Help.

A recent article in the Independent reported that over 600 new FGM survivors were identified over the past seven months in the West Midlands alone. This number, and indeed any number, is too high. Also this number is just of girls and women who were brave enough to report or disclose they went through FGM. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. I fear there are a considerable number of girls and women who are unable to disclose or tell someone that they went through FGM.

How long must the practice of FGM go on? What will it take for people to realise that FGM carries no health benefits and only causes girls and women harm?

What do you think is the best way to help end FGM? We want to hear from you.

We need your help to make sure everyone is knows about FGM and that everyone works towards ensuring that the lives of young girls are care-free and happy, the way a childhood should be.

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Sing. Shout. Smile. Laugh. Live. #EndFGM

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